My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE‚ÄôS

Why I believe the mere fact we dream proves there is more than just the physical world! On DREAMS: I have the craziest dreams.  Very vivid.  Never a dull moment.  For the 14 years I ‚Äėabstained‚Äô fro‚Ķ Source: My Experience with Lucid Dreaming & OBE‚ÄôS LoveInfusion¬©2017

Love: Why We’re Here

Love Yourself ~ Self-Love ~ It all starts with you ūüôā The world is so beautiful when you choose to look at it through the eyes of love. Operating from a place of joy & kindness brings me a richness that money could never buy. ¬†I graciously thank every obstacle, challenge & hardship - for …