Watch “How Canada Thinks We Should Have Sex” on YouTube

If you still haven’t figured out yet that they’re laughing at you behind closed doors then there’s just no hope for you 🤦 Some people are actually gonna do this I bet 😂

Wake up. It’s all one huge, monumental Joke, & it’s on You 🎯
These people are clowns, they’re frauds. You think ANY of them plan to abide by ANY of the rules they try to set for US ⁉️

Don’t be ridiculous 😂

Just look at Nancy Pelosi – she got caught & then proceeded to blame the Salon Owner, who cleared that up real fast on Tucker Carlson’s show last night. Nancy is a Weasel, a Parasite, & you’re too brain-dead to see the Big Picture 🏁😎🏁

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