Watch “Rocco Galati – Masking & your Rights” on YouTube

Meet Rocco Galati, the lawyer behind the current class action suit in Ontario against the current tyranny we’re experiencing, against Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, CBC, Doug Ford & a host of others responsible for violating our human rights. If you’re Canadian and interested in standing up against tyranny comment below as I’m going to begin collecting interested party names and stories because we absolutely have a case.

3 Replies to “Watch “Rocco Galati – Masking & your Rights” on YouTube”

  1. Rocco Galati has just threatened me on behalf of Dr. Kulvinder K Gill because of a Tweet I made way back on August 10, 2020. Unfortunately, he sent me a non-registered letter dated October 10th. I never got it until October 20th. In order for any libel lawsuit to proceed according the the Libel and Slander Act s. 5 it must be done within 6 weeks of the plaintiff noting the alleged defamation. So, why did Rocco do this? Maybe he should stop threatening physicians, members of the government and the Crown in regards to the anti-mask brigades here in Canada. Maybe he should move to North Dakota and file a lawsuit there!
    Let me know if any of you have been threatened with a lawsuit because you posted on social media about COVID-19 anti-mask protestors, and in particular about Dr. Kulvinder K Gill’s position.


    1. Hi, why are you being sued, what was the tweet? A doctor I’m guessing .. but I’m getting the feeling you guys aren’t all on the same side, correct? I remember the doctor you speak of I follow her on Twitter, can’t remember what happened with her with regards to her tweets, I believe she was censored – just like any / every Doc that refuses to echo the mainstream government / mainstream media narrative, full of fear and over reacting and overreaching, imo. So, you’re a mainstream guy who disagrees with her and Mr Galati’s lawsuit??
      Just trying to understand why you’re being sued / what differences that you have with her & mainstream .. No probs / conflicts with Mr Galati myself – as you can see from my blog I support him & his lawsuit – I do not agree with the mainstream narrative.
      I’m not sure how or with what I can help you with, I’m a researcher and anti-corruption blogger .. And very against the mainstream.
      My research is solid with 4 nurses in my family & friends, plus a friend of the family is a chemist, & I research constantly, & study psychological warfare, human behavior, and psychology for breakfast basically so I am the absolute last person who will ever be on the side of the mainstream. What I know for sure is the government & media – for the most part are lying, & censoring anyone who goes against their narrative; that action is a red flag in my books. My point is there wouldn’t be any reason for any of them to sue ME, I’m in agreeance with them LOL
      If you are not a fan of them I’d think you would not be a fan of me either LOL My stance – this is a major human rights violation, I’m currently gathering documents & speaking to resources plus examining his 191 page statement of claim ..
      Most important thing on our plate right now is Justin Trudeau’s tender scouting locations & third parties for his isolation sites / Covid Camps .. his RFI just expired, so we’re waiting for the proposals we’re sure will follow. That in of itself speaks volumes as to the Canadian government’s true intentions for a virus that the CDC just stated last week has a survival rate of 99.997% – 98.5% depending on age group .. With statistics like that in mind & a myriad of other facts and lack of governmental common sense, unplugging the entire planet as they have does not even remotely resemble an appropriate measure. “YOU CAN’T FORCE PEOPLE TO STOP EXISTING AND HIDE UNDER A ROCK JUST BECAUSE THERE’S DANGER IN THE WORLD.” Canada is still under 10,000 deaths in a 9 or 10 months. This virus is in no way worse or even equal to flu deaths so there is a much bigger picture and plan at play here 🎯 if you so desire please expand on your story and your stance, thanks, & good luck to you xo


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