Rising Out of the Ashes

Mystic Digging On Existence✨


Passion in waves

 Intense they pummel

Rolling me over

and over & over.


Help me grow,


I have to go

A head start

All the crap

stuck in these spokes

might slow me down

But watch me folks –

I’ll turn it around; I’ve done it before,

it’s no big deal; I’m meant to heal.

What I need, is to unload

Unseal reveal, don’t conceal

this great upheaval

Out of commission –

a deadly killer

of Souls n Spirits.

All alone – I battle demons

no one knows

the much I’ve grown

As I unburden

all the hurtin’ from all those fears

over the years.

I still stand tall.

Can you feel me

Stuck in the middle

This twisted riddle

Can I can keep up the fight

in which he delights

Against the wall; I will not fall

I still stand tall – can’t make me small.


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