The Truth and The Causes Behind Airline Mishandled Luggage Statisitics

Having just returned from a trip to Punta Cana, Sunwing lost my luggage. Haven’t seen it since I checked it into the Montreal airport on the 14th. Think they care? Think again. #Sunwing

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The Causes and the Truth behind Mishandled Luggage Statistics

Statistics: My research shows that many travelers who search the web about airline luggage are searching for information regarding lost luggage statistics; airport lost luggage statistics and mishandled airline luggage statistics.

Let’s explore the truth about mishandled luggage statistics and who the parties are that feed into the mill of mishandled luggage. The airline employees are the number one cause of mishandled luggage.  Carelessness in handling the luggage and moving the luggage and employee error during the check-in process are the number one reasons bags do not make it to same destination as you do.

The TSA is also responsible for mishandling your luggage due to their own equipment failures or lack of enough baggage screening equipment to process your luggage so the luggage makes it on the same flight you’re on. Staffing can also add to the equation, which slows…

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