An Elaborate Ploy: Keeping You From UnWrapping Your Present


upon a time, in a land far away, there was a …

… plan to distort your reality for very nefarious reasons.


Oh wait – what day is it …

Um never mind it’s still going on …


“Keep them distracted with nonsense & we can rob them blind – their money, their hopes, their dreams; we’ll fuck ’em over without them ever really knowing. If only we could get them to hate each other instead of us. ‘We’ll let them vote so they think they have a say in things. We can also make fake medicines that keep people sick, as we sneakily create our own business!’


‘We just loooove money; we sorta kinda want you to get better – but then we realize that’d put us outta business, & we can’t have that. Plan B it is! Heck we even privatized prisons so we make money with criminals! And we make even more money with even more criminals! ‘Hey, we need more criminals!’ How ’bout we outlaw a healing plant put on Earth before we ever got here – one with a perfect record of safety since the existence of time & people .. we’ll fill our prisons with them! It’s Brilliant!’

Brilliant? Try Pure Evil.

Why has our world become a war zone? Yes, more actual war zones – but I mean war zones in our workplaces, our schools, or communities, various organizations – sometimes even in our homes & families – if we dare to think differently.

Something that should be applauded is instead condemned. You don’t say?!

They’ve become masters of Spin & Misdirection & Major Deception. Not to mention the Projection & Gas Lighting. Why would one need to do such a thing?? No other reason than the desperate need to keep the focus as far away from themselves as possible – or else risk shattering their masquerade & exposing the fraud.

Welcome to the Land of Illusion – an elaborate ploy to distract you from the goings on behind a veil many don’t yet know exists. Rise above the static, above the distractions. Getting all worked up over the distractions just depletes your energy, putting you right where they want you – Confused & Oblivious.

#WalkAway ! “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” CircusMonkeys

A government, ‘for the people?’ For which people ?? Did I dream that? Ever thought, just maybe, you’re being played? How fast was your: ‘No way, I’m not being played!’ Was that a Response or a Reaction ? Well ya might be – put that one in your ‘consideration box.’ Critical thinking demands an objective view of all possibilities.


Let go of the beliefs & thoughts that limit you, imprison you. Rise above the static. Stop ‘circling the drain.’ Raise your frequency, raise your vibration. Float above the petty nonsense. Stay in the moment, as the moment is all we have.

The Present is a Gift many don’t unwrap.

Right now they have us right where they want us – busy fighting each other while they callously take all they can for them, without so much as a hint of conscience or principles, leaving less & less for us. All the while convincing us with their soulless ads with subliminal messages subconsciously convincing us to buy what they’re selling, what we really don’t need & we seriously can’t afford. Don’t be fooled 😉


There is much trickery afoot.  I don’t want people to be fooled anymore. We the people MUST stop fighting each other. We the people need to realize we’re all in this together. We mustn’t hurt each other; or hate someone cuz they’re different – we must embrace them. Or else what will we become? It’s a choice each & every individual will have to make. Humanity needs to get to a constant state of  Love, Harmony, Unity & Peace ☮ We’re all in this together 💖✨Cherry Blossom on Apple iOS 11.2



Keep what resonates, leave the rest.


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